bunny space boot & moon boot

taken by Terence in his living room.

Gio Forbice: What were you doing right before you sat down to answer these? Terence Koh: i was looking out the window tinking fall iz coming and i want to bee a leaf that iz falling. GF: What are you working on right now? TK: i am making a tree that is about reflection and absorption but still about nature. GF: What was the last song you listened to? TK: wicked game by chris isaak GF: Do you remember how bunny boots started? TK: yes we were in the park in istanbul and we were both looking at the full moon and thought we should make all white boots about bunnys that live inside the moon. GF: Tell the story of how we met. TK: also in a park, but in chinatown nyc. yoo asked why i was wearing sunglasses at night. i told yoo i was scared of the dark and yoo smiled very warmly at me. GF: What's your favorite word? TK: discipline GF: What's your favorite food? TK: water GF: Describe "love" in three words? TK: love for eternity GF: Do bunny boots make the world a better place? TK: yes very much. GF: White forever? TK: total white forever.